Is it possible to get the legend in a pagelayout to only show patches/swatches for features fall within the visible extent of the Map?

The solution needs to work on FeatureLayers and ArcGIS Server layer. It's possible to set a property on the AutoVisibility to filter the Legend to only show the layers that are visible, but if the layer is visible and only a few of multiple symbols in the renderers is visible the legend gets too many items to be useful.

Update: This seems to be a question that has been asked several times before on the ESRI-forum, found one solution that seems to works on a FeatureLayer if it has a IUniqueValueRenderer Compressing a legend to show displayed features only but we are using both FeatureLayer and ArcGIS Server layers, so that only solves part of our problem.

  • We are trying to find a way to hide and show the IElement from ILegendItem.Graphics , but it feel like a deadend.

  • On the server ILegendItem.Layer it might be possible to cast to a MapServerIdentifySublayer and use
    Identify to somehow find the visible objects.

If that's possible its only a matter of connecting the two.


I gave up trying to write my own and bought this instead. http://www.spatial-online.com/LegendLimiterforArcGIS.htm

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  • I've sent a question to NGIS ngis.com.au/Products/ArcGIS+Tools/default.aspx but mayby you know, does it work in ArcGIS Engine – MathiasWestin Sep 20 '10 at 14:07
  • The answer I got: "Unfortunately Legend Limiter doesn't work with ArcGIS Server layers. We do have a developers kit version of legend limiter that can be called from custom code however it isn't free." – MathiasWestin Mar 31 '11 at 17:31

Last time I used LegendLimiter, it did not take into account Map Service layers and it was also only available for Desktop. Things may have changed as this was good 3-4yrs back.

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