I'm creating a table route_<route_id> for the route given by pgr_dijkstra, like this. In my application, I have a websocket with a mobile client that it's sending it's current position every x seconds. How can I find the nearest node from the table route_<route_id> and return a subset of the route, from the current position to the destination?

The SQL I'm using to generate the route table is:

CREATE TABLE route_route_id as SELECT seq, cost, 
             length::double precision, geom, 
             ST_AsGeoJSON(ST_LineMerge(geom))::json->'coordinates' as coordinates, 
             FROM pgr_dijkstra('
                SELECT gid AS id, source::integer, 
                       target::integer, length AS cost 
                           FROM "ways",
                               convert_to_lon_lat(lat, long, '"ways_vertices_pgr"'), 
                               convert_to_lon_lat(lat, long, '"ways_vertices_pgr"'), 
                               false, false) a LEFT JOIN ways b ON (a.id2 = b.gid);

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It seems that

SELECT seq from ways order by geom <-> ST_SetSrid(ST_MakePoint(lat, long), 4326) limit 1;

did the trick

  • It should be ST_MakePoint(long, lat)
    – Mike T
    Feb 14, 2017 at 2:46

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