Using ArcGIS Server 10.1 I have a cached service. The service is set to allow clients to cache tiles and the images do contain max-age values:

Cache-Control   private, max-age=86400

However, I would like to change this value.

I could find the cacheControlMaxAge property in the ESRI documentation for 10.3.1, but this property does not exist in my 10.1 service. These are the available properties:

"properties": {
  "virtualCacheDir": "/rest/directories/arcgiscache",
  "maxImageHeight": "2048",
  "textAntialiasingMode": "Force",
  "maxImageWidth": "2048",
  "enableDynamicLayers": "false",
  "dynamicDataWorkspaces": "",
  "supportedImageReturnTypes": "URL",
  "disableIdentifyRelates": "false",
  "isCached": "true",
  "maxScale": "250",
  "maxBufferCount": "100",
  "maxRecordCount": "1000",
  "schemaLockingEnabled": "true",
  "filePath": "\\\\dir\\a.msd",
  "cacheOnDemand": "false",
  "useLocalCacheDir": "true",
  "virtualOutputDir": "/rest/directories/arcgisoutput",
  "outputDir": "\\\\dir\\arcgisserver\\directories\\arcgisoutput",
  "cacheExtent": "full",
  "minScale": "200000",
  "maxDomainCodeCount": "25000",
  "tilingScheme": "2",
  "ignoreCache": "false",
  "antialiasingMode": "None",
  "clientCachingAllowed": "true",
  "cacheDir": "\\\\dir\\arcgisserver\\directories\\arcgiscache"

How can I set the max-age to be a custom value?

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    I think this is a new feature at 10.3, in which case it isn't possible at 10.1. – Vince Jan 11 '16 at 13:52

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