Can anybody help me to find PolSDP software or provide a link from where I can download.

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My search on the web for PolsDP turned up this answer first.

PolsDP is a Polarimetric SAR data processing software being developed at the CSRE, IIT Bombay, under the sponsorship of SAC, ISRO. It aims to be a toolbox for PolSAR data processing, allowing the user to easily run various steps like exporting data from SLC files, processing, decomposition of T3 matrix and C2 matrix, classification, geocoding, geophysical parameter inversion, signatures, target detection, etc. The software can be made available freely through SAC, ISRO.

Contact the author of the paper, Shaunak Dem CSRE, IIT-Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076, shaunakde@iitb.ac.in

or go to SAC, http://www.sac.gov.in/sacwebi/sacHomePage.iface

  • Could u please tell me more detail about how to download PolSDP software from SAC? I had tried it but unable to see it and download. It is very important for my research work. Thanks in advance. – Bijaya Maharjan Feb 20 '16 at 5:42

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