I am new to GIS and QGIS software.

is there a batch convert function to convert shape files to mif/mid files?

I can do this individually but is time consuming? I have seen similar functions on here to other formats but i cannot convert them for my needs. ie create both mif + mid files.

Is there a plugin?

I use windows 8. My output folder is C:\Data\Submit

I am looking for something simple like this; Exporting several files at same time in QGIS?

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You can use ogr2ogr from GDAL Utilities to batch convert several shape files to mid/mif. If you use OSGeo4W installer you can easy install GDAL Utilities. A simple script for you to convert all shape to mif/mid in the current directory:

@echo off for %%f in (*.shp) do ( set name=%%~nf ogr2ogr -f "MapInfo File" %name% -dsco FORMAT=MIF %%f )


For a single layer, the recipe to export with Python to MIF/MID is the following (deduced from "Dataset Creation Options" of GDAL MapInfo documentation) :

vLayer = iface.activeLayer()
        '/tmp/' + vLayer.name() + ".mif", "utf-8", 
        vLayer.crs(), 'Mapinfo File', datasourceOptions='FORMAT=MIF')

You can now combine this with step 5 from your link Export several files at the same time in QGIS

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