I have a custom install of cartodb running on my own server. I need to integrate Google Drive with it.

I have set up an application on the Google Developers Console, but do not know what to insert for the callback url.


Supposing that you have installed cartodb on your server on: http://yourdomain:3000/user/your_username/dashboard

You've to change this part of the file in config_app.yml to connect to google drive :

      application_name: 'your_appname'
      client_id:        'your_clientid'
      client_secret:    'myclient_secret'
      callback_url: 'http://yourdomain:3000/user/your_user/api/v1/imports/service/gdrive/oauth_callback'

You need to add the same callback url in "credential" on Google_drive website.

Hope that this helps

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This should be doable from the app_config.yml file, inside the oauth key:

    # If the client_id/app_key is not set won't appear at the UI. @see application_helper.rb -> frontend_config
    # Must be the same as CartoDB::Datasources::xxxx DATASOURCE_NAME constants
      application_name:     ''
      client_id:            ''
      client_secret:        ''
      callback_url:         'whatever callback url'
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  • Thanks for your reply. What does the callback_url property have to be? Does it have to be a particular url? – Stephen Jan 12 '16 at 16:21
  • Hi @iriberri - just to clarify my question. I am aware of the config file, but my question really is what should the callback_url be? On cartodb.com this seems to be set to a callback url that then closes the authentication window and brings the user back to the import data screen. Do I have to write my own endpoint with cartodb to handle this, or does it exist as part of the Google Drive import plugin? – Stephen Jan 15 '16 at 13:25

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