I'm building some fairly complex maps with the leaflet package and I'd like to embed them in an rmarkdown document (specifically an ioslides_presentation .Rmd file).

Right now the code for the maps is in an .R script and it is subject to change as I tinker around with map aesthetics. I know I can cut and paste each map's code into the .Rmd presentation doc, but I want to avoid have to manually update the .Rmd file every time a change is made. I figure that if I can save the leaflet output and embed it in the presentation that will be much smoother.

I know that htmlwidgets::saveWidget allows me to save leaflet maps. But how can I embed these outputs in the .Rmd presentation?


Put your map codes in a separate Rmd file, and include it in your main file.



I ended up hosting the output of htmlwidget::saveWidget on a Github Pages project website. I embedded the html files in the ioslides presentation using an iframe, as demonstrated below:

<iframe  title="My Map" width="980" height="400" src="http://username.github.io/reponame/maps/my_map.html" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This approach has advantages and disadvantages for my workflow. I like that I do not have to create separate .Rmd files for the leaflet functions because I want to keep all of my analysis and visualization code together in one script. That said, hosting and embedding the html files means I have to add a git push to the gh-pages branch whenever I tweak the maps.

I decided to leave @bhaskar-karambelkar's solution marked correct because it is more straightforward than my own.

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