So I am trying to render all the tiles for the state of Florida with the file generate_tiles.py that came with mapnik. The tiles are rendering, but erroneously including multiple city names (see below). Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I think that your problem is with your database or mapnik style.

The first question is where you got the .osm file used to generate your database? May you check if it is ok?

The second one is how you generated your Mapnik style? May you can retry the process?

To answer these questions you need to verify if the database has repeated nodes or the mapnik style is incorrect.

To verify if your database doesn't have repeated city names, you can use (if you're using a database with the osm2pgsql schema) a SQL statement like the following:

SELECT * FROM planet_osm_point WHERE place IN ('city', 'town')

If your database and style are ok, you can try to follow this tutorial to generate and render tiles with the stack Mod_tile, renderd, mapnik, osm2pgsql, and a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.

You can also try to create a new mapnik style using tools like Tilemill or MapBox Studio Classic and the openstreetmap-carto style and then verify if your problem is solved.

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