I have some points I would like to map out in 3D. The points were gotten from a GPS module athat was attached to a Raspberry Pi.

This is the settings I used before starting qgis2threejs:

enter image description here

This was the output it gave me:

enter image description here

The purple vector building's settings are as shown:

enter image description here

The issue is that the altitude values for the pink spheres were taken on ground level. So why is it floating in the air like that?

Does the CRS matter? I enabled on the fly CRS transformation already. The land that I am mapping out is relatively flat, around 20-40m elevation from sea level.

I am not understanding this problem! Desperate for help!


I found the problem!

The problem is that the Z coordinate mode adds up the height

"relative to DEM" + "Altitude" + Addend

Is it possible to remove the "relative to DEM" to the equation?


Hi since your points are from a GPS track I am guessing that they have a Z-value field or an elevation field.

When you configure the ThreeJS plugin in QGIS you should have the following options for the Z coordinate settings area:

  • Relative to DEM
  • Absolute value

I did an example with point data and line data that have an attribute called elevation. I configured the ThreeJS plugin to use the elevation values as absolute values, and not relative to DEM.enter image description here

Once this is done the results look really good: enter image description here

Also consider upgrading your QGIS ThreeJS plugin if it is not updated to the latest version.

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