I want to create a vector tile base map using my own shapefiles/postgis tables for use on a mobile primarily. By my understanding the process is divided into 3 main steps:

  1. Creating/slicing the data into vector tiles.
  2. Using a server to host the tiles.
  3. Rendering the tiles.

I have looked into various methods to do this, The Mapzen Vector Tiles were the first thing I looked into. They come with a very good rendering option as well. I got it to work with osm data but I wasn't able to configure it to work with my own PostGIS Tables. The processing and queries assume that the data is from osm.

Currently I am looking into PGRestAPI, I have been able to create my tiles and host them pretty easily but I am not sure how I will render them on the mobile. I am not able to parse the vector tile endpoints that I get from the server. The Leaflet Vector-Tile plugin is also something I have looked into but I'm not sure how to go about using it on mobile.

How do I go about rendering the vector tiles on a mobile? And is there any alternative way to go about creating a vector tile base map for use on a mobile?

  • I believe Mapbox has a mobile / native mapbox GL framework that works with MVTs? – songololo Jul 7 '16 at 12:34

If ArcGIS pro is an option here I would reccomend it.

My personal tips:

  • follow rules mentioned in below links (bottom two are tutorial which may be useful)
  • add map descritpion in map properties
  • uncheck Package for ArcGIS online [...]
  • when you add map ArcGIS Pro will load tiling scheme, click on its name and you will see path, copy it and paste to for ex. Google Chrome --> then pick suitable scale for you, remove coma and place delimeter as seen below (don't shrink number)
  • when I was making Vector Tile Package, premade Indexed Polygons caused some bugs, so I won't recomned using it (it doesn't take off a lot of time from whole process)
  • Use Create Mobile Map Package to use it on mobile (output format is mmpk)

enter image description here

Link to the Esri documentation


Tips on creating Vector Tiles Map


Multiscaled map tips


Creating Vector Tiles - video from Esri User Conference 2016


Creating Mobile Map Package


Tutorial part 1


Tutorial part 2



Geoserver can publish data in vector tile specification. It supports theree type of format,

MapBox Vector (MVT) = Recommended Format This is an efficient binary format that is widely supported by almost all Vector Tile applications. GeoJson = This is a human readable JSON format. Although many geo-spatial applications support GeoJSON datasets, few Vector Tile applications support tiles in this format. Supported by Open Layers 3. TopoJson = This is a very complex, but somewhat human readable JSON format that is good for polygon coverages. It is not a widely supported and very few Vector Tile applications support it. Suported by Open Layers 3.

Source: Geoserver

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