I usually do my python scripts and add them to ArcMap in the form of add-ins.

First I launch the ArcGIS Python Add-In Wizard, create a project, a toolbar and the tool.

Then, every time I do an update I re-run the makeaddin.py and re-install the addin.esriaddin.

Now, I would like to install this tool in other PCs and I don't have experience with that.

Do I have to go one by one and do the same as above every time? what if I update the script, how do I update it in the other machines?

Any ideas?

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You can also deploy addins by copying the .esriaddin file to a network location and telling the addin manager to search this folder.

This location can be added to every PC in your organisation using group policy to set a registry key. See the last section of this page for more details.

  • Apparently, one of the libraries (the cx_Oracle one) which I use in my addin, is missing in the other PCs' python installations (import cx_Oracle fails), so not everything is contained in the addin.esriaddin. Am I right? Jan 20, 2016 at 16:38
  • I'm not sure about python addins - I've been using C#. I know that when you distribute a python module with setuptools, you can add a requirements.txt that lists all the required modules. Maybe Esri has a similar feature?
    – jon_two
    Jan 21, 2016 at 8:46

If you already packed your addin to an .esriaddin-file (which is nothing but an archive-file similar to ZIP or others) all you have to do is copy the file to your client-PC and install it by double-clicking.

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