I have this JSFiddle that as you can see has two tile layers. I have set the minZoom of the 'Example Layer' to 5 so that it only loads once you have zoomed in that far.

The issue is, using Bootstrap Switch I cannot get the switch for the 'Example Layer' to be disabled until the user zooms in to zoom 5 in this case and then the layer would be visible.

The ideal solution would add a tooltip to show on to the switch whilst it is disabled that advises the user to zoom in further to view the layer.


This may provide a partial answer. Use the map event listener to listen for zoomend to toggle the state of your bootstrap switch.

map.on('zoomend', function (e) {
          // enable/disable based on zoom level
          if (map.getZoom()>=5) {
        else if (map.getZoom()<5) {

See the updated JSFiddle. I also set the initial state of the button to 'disabled'. When you zoom to level 5 or higher the button will become enabled, and when zoom level goes back below 5 the button will be disabled once again.

  • That's an excellent answer, thanks. I had tried an event listener but hadn't figured that bit out. I won't mark as accepted yet as it would be great if when the switch was disabled a tooltip told the user why this was the case. Jan 21 '16 at 15:53

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