I did a server-side(c#) network analysis and the output is the EID's(NetEid's) which needs a INETelements to query for features and Object Id's. It takes long time especially when you found many features. Is there anyway to send the Eid's to Java-script( since I have to mark them and ...) and query through the Eid's on client side or any quicker way to do the query in server-side( maybe just for one layer? ) ?

My code :

 INetElements INET2   = ipNetwork as INetElements;

     ipTraceFlowSolver.FindFlowElements(oFlowMethod, oFlowElements, out m_ipEnumNetEID_Junctions, out m_ipEnumNetEID_Edges);
           _ResultEdges = m_ipEnumNetEID_Edges;
       for (int i = 0; i < Ipcount; i++)
                         var Eid= m_ipEnumNetEID_Edges.Next() ;

                         INET2.QueryIDs(Eid,esriElementType.esriETEdge,out UserClassIDs,out UserID,out userSubId);

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As far as i know you cant get the values from eid's client side you can do it server side and send the ObjectId's to your CallBack web service method.

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