is it possible to set a listener that is fired when a feature is edited? What I imagine is this: A geometry is edited (e.g. cut operation) then a listener is fired. This event gives me back the altered geometry. Purpose: A geometry is edited and the current area of the geometry is displayed in a window.

The class QgsVectorLayer provides several listeners (e.g. layerModified). Unfortunately I just get the message that something has been edited, but not the edited feature.

Is there any way to set a listener for a specific feature?

All ideas and suggestions are welcome. (:

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To get information on the changed features use signal committedGeometriesChanges. This gives you the feature id and new geometry of any changed feature of the layer you connect a handler to.

As an example:

def feedback(layerId, changedGeometries):
    for feat_id, geom in changedGeometries.items():
        print(f'id: {feat_id}, geometry: {geom.asWkt()}')

layer = iface.activeLayer()

Output on the Console after some editing is saved:

id: 1, geometry: LineString (47.19158866759342175 24.98144494566650309, ...,
     48.26832652730565343 25.72949440609816207)

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