I am recently studying the topic in investigating the features of river and to perform flooding analysis.

I got the elevation data, and I used the elevation data to generate streams in ArcGIS and I have studied the features of river such as the stream density, stream order, stream length in ArcHydro.

The first part of my study is finished, but I have no idea how to start with the flooding analysis.

Can I build a model in ArcGIS to perform the flooding analysis? I have read some papers related to my study and I found that the Curve number method may work in my study to get the discharge of the river. However, how can I compare the calculated discharge with the capacity of river(based on cross-section) to check whether flooding will occur?

Also, how can I work on Curve number method if only rainfall data and elevation data are given, as curve number method involves many calculation parameters, such as initial abstraction and infiltration rate.

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