I have some trouble with the pgr_fromAtoB function of the workshop. I get:

ERROR:  column "ways" does not exist

But "ways" is the table, not a column. What am I do wrong? My table ways looks like:

Table "public.ways"
Column  |           Type            |    Modifiers
gid      | integer                   | not null default                 nextval('ways_gid_seq'::regclass)
__gid    | numeric(10,0)             |
class_id | numeric(10,0)             |
type     | character varying(23)     |
length   | numeric                   |
name     | character varying(40)     |
osm_id   | character varying(14)     |
the_geom | geometry(MultiLineString) |
source   | integer                   |
target   | integer                   |
"ways_gid_idx" UNIQUE CONSTRAINT, btree (gid)
"source_idx" btree (source)
"target_idx" btree (target)
"ways_source_idx" btree (source)
"ways_target_idx" btree (target)
"ways_the_geom_gidx" gist (the_geom)
  • The functioned is a stored procedure and the error may be misleading. It's not really clear to me, why this error happens, but looking at your table I can see that your geometry is "MULTILINESTRING", which is either not necessary, or if you really have multi-geometries, it's a problem. It's better to make sure, that your geometry is LINESTRING. Eventually that's the issue.
    – dkastl
    Jan 28, 2016 at 6:10


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