I have openstreetmap tiles for offline (png images), how can I display these images (tiles) on my application with zooming and rotation functionality as on openstreetmap.org using c++?

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You could use CartoType (http://www.cartotype.com/index.html). The library supports map rendering, routing, turn by turn navigation, and geocoding.

For a comprehensive list of frameworks visit http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Frameworks. There are numerous other frameworks in the OSM environment depending on your needs.

  • :Thanks for your answer. I need a osm map tiles viewer (as on openstreetmap.org) for my application on c++, but tiles (png images) should be loaded not via Internet, but from my local directory. Also I should add some graphics(polylines, rectangles etc.) to this map using C++. How can I do it? Thanks. – UkrMan2016 Jan 29 '16 at 6:56
  • You can accomplish all of your requirements (incorporating offline tiles, drawing features) with cartotype. Visit the features page (cartotype.com/features.html) for more information or contact the developers (cartotype.com/contact.html). Your question "How can I do it" is to broad you should be a bit more concise. – zehpunktbarron Jan 29 '16 at 10:38

As far as I have understood your question is mainly about zooming and rotating a png-image in C++. If this is correct the problem boils down to finding the proper image-processing library. I can suggest libpng for displaying, but for manipulation (including rotation) you may want to have a look at openCV or at Magick++.


Marble is open source, written in C++ and supports online and offline tile viewing. Apart from that there is a long list of desktop software for OSM in the OSM wiki.


Maybe you van also have a closer look at libosmscout. (found via Frameworks in the OSM wiki) Not sure myself whether it has tile display, but at least own offline vector map rendering in C++.

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