I'm labelling features with an simple expression to show [Number] + [Code], however, I have some null values in "Number".

When I use this expression it only labels the features with both number and code, however, I need it to display both, columns even if there is no value.

i.e. if there's no number display only display the code, if there's a number and a code, display both.

Do I need an Advanced level license to do this?

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It's easy to do with using label classes.

Define two classes with SQL query:

Number is null


Number is not null

Then label each of the classes with the fields needed.

  • Thank you, that worked a treat. It also didn't help that I had the "label features in this class" turned off when I'd tried something similar the first time.
    – Claire
    Feb 1, 2016 at 16:59

You can easily do this with an advanced label expression.

For example, I've got a label expression that will take 2 fields and label with whichever of the fields is present, or both. You could do something like the following: enter image description here

Important notes about the code provided:

  • Obviously you would have to change the code to use your own field names
  • In the Label Expression dialog, you have to switch the parser to Python, or write your own label expression in your chosen language.
  • You have to make sure the "Advanced" check box is selected/turned on.
  • The provided code will actually create stacked labels (Field_1 on one line and Field_2 on the next line). If you want it to all be on one line separated by a space, you can change the "\n" at the end of the 4th line to just be a space in quotes " "

Code provided below so you can copy past instead of re-typing from screen shot:

def FindLabel ( [FIELD_1], [FIELD_2] ):
  lbl = ""
  if [FIELD_1] <> None:
    lbl += str([FIELD_1]) + "\n"
  if [FIELD_2] <> None:
    lbl += str([FIELD_2])
  return lbl 

Let me know if I need to clarify anything in it for you.

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