I load a VectorLayer which contain coordinate location point.

Now, I have a VectorLayer and I would like to get the point location on a item of this layer in order to center a map to this point.

Is it possible ?

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    Do you want to center on a specific item, or just any random item, or do you want all items visible in the map view? – til_b Feb 2 '16 at 16:02
  • No just a specific item of this layer. I have the ItemID for this. – user1501990 Feb 2 '16 at 18:06

try this:

var provider = vectorLayer.DataSource;
var geometry = p.GetGeometryByID(fid);
var location = geometry.Centroid.Coordinate;
//map.Center = location; 
mapBox1.Map.Center = location; 
  • Thanks. it's almots that, but the function GetGeometryByID take an integer argument which determinate the feature object ID. In my case, I have the ID of my object, which represente the IdColumn. – user1501990 Feb 8 '16 at 9:38
  • The Shapefile provider derives from FilterProvider. You can assign a FilterDelegate function that evaluates the feature data for any attribute you like. p.FilterDelegate = dr => dr["IdColumn"] == IdValue; – FObermaier Feb 10 '16 at 14:17

I am not familiar with sharpmap, but from the available documentation I guess you could do as follows:

  1. Get the envelope of the point
  2. call map.ZoomToBox(Envelope) with the envelope as a parameter.

Probably (1) can be achieved by calling something like

new Envelope(-9.205626, -9.123736, 38.690993, 38.740837)

with the point coordinates as parameters. Or maybe the Point object has a .envelope property.

  • Thanks. Effectivelly, for center the map, we have to set the enveloppe like you said. But, I don't know how to retrieve the enveloppe of a specific point. – user1501990 Feb 3 '16 at 8:27

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