I'm making a planing map. I want to add to the final layout a specific kind of grid: The grid needs to be with a 6 character label that is separated in to two labels. Each one of the labels needs to be from both side of the grid's outer ticks. Like this example: enter image description here

I've tried to change almost all of grid's properties but still could not able to figure out how to do it. enter image description here

My result so far isn't satisfying: enter image description here

It's important to say that I do not have the ArcGIS Production Mapping extension. Is there any way to create this kind of grid without this extension? If so, how?


I got some workaround for this question:

  1. Make a separate neatline for your data frame; make sure it's not grouped with the data frame.
  2. Modify your data frame's grid that it will have long enough ticks that'll reach the neatline. enter image description here
  3. Convert your grid into graphics; all the grid's features (ticks, labels, grids etc) comes as element group - ungroup it. enter image description here
  4. Now yo can handle your labels as elements (rotate them and so on).

enter image description here

Be aware that this solution isn't suitable with large grids or DDP project because it's really a time-consuming job.

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