I'm having problems to load .las files into Grass GIS 7.0.3 for Windows 10. I use the module r.in.lidar but I get the following message:

enter image description here

What can I do? How can I solve the problem?

  • Does 'r.in.lidar --help' in the command tab work?
    – markusN
    Feb 6, 2016 at 9:32
  • 2
    Also posted on grass-user mailing list. Now answered and solved. I suggest you to answer the question and accept the answer, so this shows as solved.
    – wenzeslaus
    Feb 10, 2016 at 23:42

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As pointed by @wenzeslaus this question was asked on grass-user mailing list and it was answered.

According to Martin Landa, it happened that on 64 bit installations the liblas_c.dll file was not available. Then, the build environment was updated and the OP there confirmed the problem was solved.

A re-package of GRASS 7.0.3 to include liblas for 64 bit installator was planned.

Related question, with similar but not equal error message:
Problem importing LiDAR data in GRASS 7

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