Working in QGIS 2.14.0-Wien.

I want to reclassify a raster with the r.reclass GRASS 7 tool, but want to keep the "no data" tiles as "no data".

I understand that I need to create a text "rules" file to inform r.reclass of what classes to create with lines such as "XXXX thru XXX = 1", but am not sure of the syntax to preserve the "no data" tiles.

How do I do that?

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From GRASS Manual:

Categories to become no data are specified by setting the output category value to "NULL".


Perhaps another way is to set all your values to a text like you mentioned and then for the values you want to keep same (no data) you can use *. e.g:

1 thru 5 = 2
3 thru 8 = 10
* = * 

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