I have a geojson file with the boundaries and some very basic statistics (population) for all the counties in US. States are enumerated (1,2,...), not named.

I also have a csv file with a comprehensive demographic and health statistics for each county (county is a row, statistics are columns).

I would like to add these values from the csv file as properties, for the county.

Is there a good, open source tool you would recommend for doing this programmatically, and in bulk. I was looking into Python's geojson.


It might be easiest to try using QGIS and dropping the geojson into it. Then do a join by attribute.

A side benefit of it being graphical is that you can browse/label the counties and then quite easily spot check your joined data.


Although it's not Python based, you should better use geojson-join package.

It works for JSON, CSV or DBF and it uses the command line. No need to code here except if you have a particular purpose I'm unaware.

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