I am using QGIS Pisa 2.10. I want to use the Voronio class of scipy.spatial in QGIS python console. QGIS Pisa has 0.11 version of scipy package. This package doesn't have Voronoi class. I even tried upgrading it. But since I am in windows environment, the Scipy.exe installer is unable to detect the python inside Pisa (C:\Program Files (x86)\QGIS Pisa\apps\Python27). Instead it is always referring to the Python installed at the user level (C:\Python27_32Bit) from the registry.

If the version of scipy used in QGIS Lyon is greater than 0.11 then, I will uninstall Pisa and install the Lyon.


I have QGIS 2.12.3-Lyon and used the following in the Python Console to find out which scipy version I have installed (QGIS was installed using the OSGeo4W Network Installer package):

>>>import scipy
>>>print scipy.__version__
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