I'm trying to style a point layer representing cities around the Mediterranean following these two rules :

  • The points should be represented as proportional circles, following a classification in 5 classes ;

  • The circles should be coloured according to the five classes, on a graduated scale from yellow to red.

I tried different things, including mixing classification and data defined styling, but didn't succeed yet.

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As @Papierwolf mentioned, there are a number of ways. One of which is to directly style your point layer using the Graduated style. I made an example where I:

  1. Selected an id column (which for me contained ascending values, 5 to 10)

  2. Set the Color ramp to YlOrRd

  3. Classified 5 classes then right-clicked each class and selected the Change size option.

Graduated style

  1. From the pop-up menu, selected the Size Assistant option

Size options

  1. Then played around with setting the various sizes and values for my id column.

Size Assistant options


Size by kategory:

  • Use the buffer tool from Vektor menü to create a Polygon-Layer representing your cities
  • The source layer is your pointlayer
  • The buffer distance is given by your classification field or a field you calculate based off your classification....
  • The new Polygon-Layer will inherrit all the attributes from your pointlayer for the next step

Coloring in the style tab:

  • Chose kategorize from the drop down menü at the top
  • Chose row: "category" (that should be the row you specified the categories by size in)
  • push the classify button to find every unique "category" and chose the colours you prefer

Hint: There is more than just one way to reach your goal, this is the easiest I know. It may not be the best or smartest solution but it works.

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