I have been tryng to use some of OTB functions from python, but i am unable to import the module (otbApplication), even after to adding the PYTHONPATH to my basrc file. I am working in Ubuntu14.04, and i have been able to call the same functions from QGIS, but not from python, neither from my IDE (pycharm) or the command line.

What should i do?

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as a quick and dirty workaround, you could try to launch it using subprocess.call() with full path to your otbcli_ApplicationName .

Otherwise, if you compiled it from scratch, make sure that OTB_WRAP_PYTHON is set to true in your ccmake file.

  • I will try that, is a very good idea. I did not compiled it, i am using the precompiled packages from ubuntugis ppa Feb 12, 2016 at 9:33

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