Having trouble figuring out how to fix the Folder with my point description. The picture I added shows you 2 different point description styles. One has the main point name and popup info underneath while the other is CLEAN doesn't have the popup info underneath. enter image description here

I converted both these files from ArcGis 10.2 and they both come out different. I looked at the HTML code (novice with code) and nothing seems different besides the info....

I can seem to get the code to post here.


The info below the feature name in the My Places list view is called the "snippet". In KML you can explicitly add a <snippet> tag to define that text. If no snippet is defined in the KML, it will by default use the first line or two of the content in the <description> tag. That is most likely what you're seeing, though I can't confirm since your dropbox links are no longer available.

To remove or suppress the snippet, you can insert an empty snippet tag (<snippet></snippet>) just above the <description> tag in each KML feature. That requires editing the KML manually, via find/replace in a text editor, or via a script of some sort. I don't know if ArcGIS has options for exporting KML with the snippets suppressed.

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