in Arcmap 10.2.2 I am editing downloaded toolboxes (not python-toolboxes) by editing the python script in a texteditor. Whenever I restart Arcmap, the Compiled Python File gets updated and I can use the changes I made in my tool in Arcmap.

However, the Compiled Python File does not update without restarting Arcmap (which is time-consuming), why I can not make use of the changes I made without restarting.

Is there an easy way to update / re-compile the Compiled Python File without restarting Arcmap?


Yes, there are several ways you can do this...If you are importing your module, you can do this:

import your_module
reload(your_module)  # will recompile .pyc

You can also use the built in py_compile module:

import py_compile
import your_module # should be reloaded

I recommend the first option.

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