I can get a good deal on a desktop computer with a 128GB SSD and 12GB of RAM. The CPU is i5 (not sure which i5). I have a huge map that I am working on with ArcMap. Do you think the i5 PC will be fast enough or should I get a PC with an i7 CPU?

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Depends ultimately on sort of data you will be processing in addition to what you do outside of GIS work (gaming etc).

I would read online reviews of the respective processors and compare their performance that way. Always go for better than less.

  • Thanks, I did as you suggested and it sounds like the i7 will work better for graphics-intensive applications like ArcMap. The PC will only be used to ArcMap, not gaming. I will also look into buying a graphics card. – RCtopo Feb 16 '16 at 20:11

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