I want to extract shapefiles with labels on it using QGIS but labels cannot be extracted along with shapefiles.

Here's the image:

Shapefile without Labels

I want this as my output after extraction:

Shapefile with Labels

How to do something like this in QGIS? I want to upload this shapefiles in Google Fusion Table as KML but the Labels cannot be extracted?

Or, can you recommend me another software to do this?

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QGIS version 3.24 now has the capability to extract labels for a map extent using the new "Extract labels algorithm" which may help solve your problem although I haven't tested it myself.

This explanation is taken from the changelog which can be found here:

For 3.24 we added a new tool to QGIS’ processing toolbox: “Extract labels”. As its name hints at, this algorithm extracts label information from a rendered map at a specific extent and scale.

Extracted label information include its position (as point geometries), the associated layer name and feature ID, as well as label appearance properties such as rotation, text, alignment, font family, size, weight, etc.

The algorithm also generates a default symbol-less & labelled style for the output layer which allows for those saved layers to be drag and dropped into projects and have the label drawn exactly as they were exported.

If a map theme is specified when extracting labels, the exported labels will match the visibility and symbology of that theme. If left blank, the project’s current visible layers will be used.

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