I am using TileStache to serve vector tiles from Postgres and using Tangram to display these tiles by passing urlhttp://localhost:8080/composite/{z}/{x}/{y}.json in the data source. The response i get is in JSON format, which is what i wanted.

Now i just want to encrypt the JSON response so that it is not human readable at the client end and readable at server end but i don't know how to do it.

Can anyone help please?


This might be helpful for your problem as it was really helpful for me once when I was doing JSON encryption.

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You should use the transform property on the source element to do your decryption.

documentation: https://mapzen.com/documentation/tangram/sources/#transform

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You can't

Since the mapping library you're using is taking JSON as an input, and it is client-side, any data used by Tangram is necessarily human-readable client-side.

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