Is it possible to changed the legend element anchor point using ArcPy?

This is the default anchor point:

enter image description here

and i want this anchor point location:

enter image description here

I know how to changed the legend element position x,y. But if the anchor point isn't in the right place, then i will get unwanted result.


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The anchor point of a legend element is not available as a property to ArcPy. Consequently, you will need to author them into a map.

There is an ArcGIS Idea to be able to Get and set layout element anchor points in ArcPy that you may want to add your vote to:

You can access the XY positions of the elements, but these are in relation to their anchor point which could be different for each element. This would be very helpful for map automation scripts, as I currently have to make separate versions of my scripts for MXDs that have slightly different layout elements or page sizes.

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