Is there a way to show geojson properties which are located in current bounding box?

something like this http://turbo87.github.io/leaflet-sidebar/examples/listing-markers.html with geojson and its props

  • by bounding box, do you mean visible map extent? – toms Feb 22 '16 at 16:37

The following example does just that, using Mapbox.js


In this case, the properties consist of a title, composed of the markers lat lng coordinates

I suppose the downvote was because I didn't copy and paste the example from mapbox. Here it is:

L.mapbox.accessToken = '<your access token here>';
var map = L.mapbox.map('map', 'mapbox.light');
var myLayer = L.mapbox.featureLayer().addTo(map);
var features = [];

for (var x = -120; x < 120; x += 20) {
    for (var y = -80; y < 80; y += 10) {
            type: 'Feature',
            geometry: {
                type: 'Point',
                coordinates: [x, y]
            properties: {
                'marker-color': '#000',
                'marker-symbol': 'star-stroked',
                title: [x, y].join(',')

    type: 'FeatureCollection',
    features: features

map.on('move', function() {
    // Construct an empty list to fill with onscreen markers.
    var inBounds = [],
    // Get the map bounds - the top-left and bottom-right locations.
        bounds = map.getBounds();

    // For each marker, consider whether it is currently visible by comparing
    // with the current map bounds.
    myLayer.eachLayer(function(marker) {
        if (bounds.contains(marker.getLatLng())) {

    // Display a list of markers.
    document.getElementById('coordinates').innerHTML = inBounds.join('\n');

map.setView([37, -77], 5);

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