I am trying to install qgis-mapserver.

I started at Qgis org Installers website - Latest Release 2.12.x Lyon, with a fresh Debian 8.3 jessie install.

The repos's are as instructed, which gives me: qgis-mapserver 2.4.0+jessie1, that depends on: qgis-providers (=2.4.0+jessie1) but 1:2.12.3+13jessie is all I can install.

Do I need to install 2.8.x Wien, to avoid the issues??

Also, I've read: "The package is called "qgis-server" (no "map" part anymore) now.", by Michal Mackiewicz, in this two year old Q&A: Cannot Install QGIS Mapserver On Ubuntu 12.04

No recent notes at the Qgis website, or from other Debian users, on this issue?

  • Have you tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling? There could have been glitch of some sort. The uninstall and reinstall might be a good start if you have tried installing dependencies and getting no where. I recently had a similar experience while trying to install OpenGeo Suite which has Geoserver.
    – whyzar
    Feb 21, 2016 at 23:08
  • Thx, I've gone thru the un/re-install process...I just tried repos change to wheezy...thinking versions should be proper. Didn't work. I'm gonna re-install and hope someone has a cure. I cannot be the only one presently having this version issue. There's still the question of Michal's reply!..?
    – stanz
    Feb 21, 2016 at 23:20

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Making Bug report #14357, confirmed Michal Mackiewicz's comment.

Comment:The package was renamed to qgis-server

Issue closed. qgis-mapserver: pkg residue file.

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