So I have points with a mile buffer. Is there a way to "highlight" the roads that fall under the mile buffer? My original plan is to clip the roads with the buffer, but this will take some time because I have a lot of facilities. I was wondering if there's another tool in the Arctoolbox I can maybe use to speed the process. I can only use tools that come with ArcGIS and I'm on version 10.2. I guess I can also write a python script for my original plan.

  • Can you identify what you mean by "highlight". Are you looking at selecting them, do analysis on them, or outputting them to a new layer? – dassouki Feb 24 '16 at 20:21

You may use the Select by location tool (located in the menu bar under "Selection"). You therefore use the buffered points as the "source layer" and the road as the "target layer". For the spatial selection method you could probably try "Intersect the source layer feature", but that depends on your needs. After you receive your selection, right click your roads layer and export your selection if needed.


You could use this in an arcpy script (check your ArcGIS Desktop Help for syntax), but there's no need.

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