I am trying to import a kml file into CartoDB but everytime I do it seems to strip the address information.

Here is a sample of the KML file:

            <name>AOJI Educ</name>              <ExtendedData>
                                            <Data name='Country'>
                                            <Data name='Phone '>
                            <value>02 9264 7171</value>
                                            <Data name='eMail'>
                            <value>[email protected]</value>
                                            <Data name='Website'>
                                            <Data name='Main Contact'>
                            <value>Ailen Wan</value>
                            <address>Suite 8, Level 6, 5961 George Street, Sydney New South Wales 2000 Australia</address>

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CartoDB is using ogr2ogr to do the import so I'm afraid that's a limitation of that tool, I'd try to move that information inside the ExtendedData section.


i would suggest you to convert the data into another format or in a correct schema that cartodb will accept before importing it into cartodb. FME would be best if you have access to one.

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