I am planning to implement an online map application with journey planner for a city. I don't have any experience in GIS development but I have a few years of experience in Java development.

So could you guys suggest me how I could start off my implementation. Any recommendation for books or documentations? What kind of technology stack should I use?


Unless your application targets a specific city or features some novel options, I would recommend first to go through the well-established software solutions, like Google Maps or Bing Maps. They both have good support for custom applications and custom extensibility using JavaScript (for Google Maps) and Ajax/Silverlight (for Bing).

Then I would look to some already existing applications based upon these services, like this one.

And only then I would move to more specific stacks..

  • Thanks for the reply (I still can't upvote your post yet). I am planning to implement a map application with public bus guide. Can that kind of application be implemented using Google Map? (Google map doesn't support public transport feature for the city that I am referring of course) – K Hein Dec 27 '11 at 13:55
  • 1
    Absolutely! Especially if your city has a good Google Map coverage (meaning that it finds correctly streets and house numbers) this task is doable. We even used Google Maps for a similar application for Ukraine, where the street coverage is much worse. – Alexander Galkin Dec 28 '11 at 16:14

Since you have Java experience, you might take a look at opengeo.org suite of applications. They have a free community edition available. http://opengeo.org/technology/suite/download/


Since you mentioned public transportation (public bus guide), you might consider taking a look at Open Trip Planner.

Tri-met, the local mass transit system in Portland, Oregon is using OTP and has been developing a lot of new functionality for it.

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