I have started using 3D Qgis2threejs plugin in an attempt to make some beautiful 3D images of LiDAR analysis I am currently working.

I have two questions regarding that:

  1. I am getting that bleeding edge (see it on screenshot) - why and what I can do to remove it?

  2. Why do I get a bigger background white surface than the DEM? Is there a way to fix it?



  • I'd suggest you if possible, to include the screenshots directly in the post, rather than providing the links. Links can break with time, and it would be easier (and faster) to understand the question by reading its content in just one place. – Andre Silva Feb 27 '16 at 23:07
  • Please upload the images directly to Stack Exchange so they stay available forever. Thanks! – bugmenot123 Aug 28 '16 at 16:30

Basically the extent of the output model is same as that of map canvas. No-data area on the map canvas will be white and elevation zero plain of the output model and may cause the appearance of the cliff and bleeding you showed in the screenshot.

To remove the bleeding, zoom in (and rotate the map canvas) so that the map canvas is filled with the area where data exist, and then do export.

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I have found a solution, well more a bypass. First step is that i draw a polygon just little smaller than map canvas. Then in QGIS2threejs plugin i select clip DEM with polygon layer. It works!

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