I have the need to project data from wgs84 to UTM 15N NAD1927 FOOT_US.

I would like to have arcpy do this for me. I can project the data using one of ArcMaps predifined prj files in the Coordinates folder..but how would I do the "Modify" piece?

UTM 15N NAD1927 is defined in the prj file as "Meters" but I would like to do the arcpy.project_management using a prj file that has been modified either in ArcMap and then saved to disc or my another method...

I found this but am a little unsure.

Thanks for any insight or solution to using a modified prj file when doing a arcpy.project_management on shapefiles.


Instead use the NAD27 BLM 15N definition. It's really UTM, but using the US survey Foot.

  • Perfect...mkennedy...I recently found a pdf of a talk I think you did on coordinate systems for esri. Do you know where I could find that in video or audio? Thanks again. – Justin Dec 27 '11 at 18:05
  • When I use the NAD27 BLM 15N prj from the projected>>UTM>>north america>> and go from WGS84 to that..using the NAD_27_To_WGS_84_1 transformation..my resulting shapefile doesn't line up with the wgs84 data. – Justin Dec 27 '11 at 18:19
  • @justin, see answer on your other question. Check the proceedings for Esri Developer Summit. I think those videos are posted. The User Conference ones are ppt only. – mkennedy Dec 27 '11 at 23:36

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