I was wondering if there exists a Python library/API for downloading satellite images. Ideally, I would want to enter the latitude and longitude of a bounding box and get a high resolution image covering that box. Whether it is from Google Maps or other services doesn't matter.

Any ideas?


There are python APIs for downloading satellite imagery. You can get one from any of:- 1) www.planet.com 2) www.openstreetmap.org

This pycon presentation "Python from Space: Analyzing Open Satellite Imagery Using the Python Ecosystem" by Katherine Scott covers what you are looking for. See details of it at: https://github.com/kscottz/PythonFromSpace/blob/master/README.md

Also these OS questions has some useful answers related to what you are looking for: 1) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4802513/where-how-to-get-free-high-resolution-satellite-images-for-geospatial-data-vis 2) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7490491/capture-embedded-google-map-image-with-python-without-using-a-browser

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