I have heard that using ArcMap can replace some functions of ArcCatalog.

If it is true, how is the process done in ArcCatalog?

I don't have access to ArcCatalog all the time. I can't spend all my time in a computer lab just for ArcCatalog. I have access to ArcMap at all times.


To use "ArcCatalog" inside ArcMap you use the Catalog window.

Both the Catalog window and ArcCatalog are described in the help under What is the Catalog window?:

In addition to the Catalog window in ArcMap, ArcGlobe, and ArcScene, there is a stand-alone application named ArcCatalog that can be used as an alternative for managing workspaces, geodatabases, GIS web services, and ArcGIS Online.

For ArcGIS users I think there is very rarely a need to open ArcCatalog. One example was and may still be Displaying Modified and Size in Contents panel of ArcMap's Catalog Window? [I have not yet tested at ArcGIS 10.4 for Desktop].

However, for ArcGIS administrators ArcCatalog remains popular, mainly I think, because it is quicker to open than ArcMap, and they rarely need to make a map.

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