I have same polygon partially overlapped: enter image description here

How to delete overlapping and merge it to same area?

I am using QGIS 2.4.0.


First select the two overlapping polygons you want to intersect, enable editing then just merge them using Edit-> Merge Selected Featuresand Save edits.

Alternatively you could try and use the Dissolve feature.

Take a look at this


The software you are using is key to the best approach. However here are a couple of approaches in two of the most common GIS solutions (other GIS packages are available).

  1. ARCGIS: Use the Integrate tool in the data management tool box. This is an excellent tool.
  2. QGIS: use the snapping options in v.edit (GRASS - Processing Toolbox) as described here.

There are other methods such as using clean and build (both in Grass and ArcGIS old Coverage format tools - if they still exist). Dissolving will not retain the boundary between the polygons, which might not be a problem to you.

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