I have been using Python MapScript bindings for MapServer - and they work great. A new datasource for the application I am working on is MongoDB. I have seen mentions of a MongoDB Driver for MapServer - but that won't work, as some 'data massaging' is required, that is not possible directly in Mongo.

My workflow is this:

  1. Using pymongo - get data of interest from Mongo
  2. 'Massage' data - save as valid geojson into tempfile
  3. Mapfile layers are of type MS_OGR - and connection is set to temp geojson file from step above

Overall, this workflow works good, and is stable. But, some of the geojson payloads are fairly big - say 75-100 MB. And in some cases, writing geojson to the tempfiles can take a few seconds. And then I also have to deal with cleanup...

Rather that write the geojson to tempfiles, I am hoping to just use geojson string in the mapfile layers. But I can't get this work.

Is this even possible? Any other suggestions?

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