quick question on something that has to be simple, but I'm getting stuck on. I want to use an Attribute Filter and a Spatial Filter simultaneously.

I have two vector files (an overlaying grid and a stream). I want to iteratively select road segments that fall within each grid square and that have a specific attribute value for length.

I've been using -


roads.SetAttributeFilter("Length = 'xxx'")

However, regardless of which filter I use first, applying the second filter resets the process (so I either get the attribute subset or the spatial subset, not both).

  • Can you try roads = roads.SetSpatialFilter(grid_geometry) and then roads = roads.SetAttributeFilter("Length = 'xxx'")? I haven't checked but it is probably making copies rather than modifying roads in-place. – alphabetasoup Mar 1 '16 at 4:37
  • Thanks for that! Unfortunately not a programmer by trade! – Josh K Mar 11 '16 at 6:05

As stated in my comment, you need to do this instead:

roads = roads.SetSpatialFilter(grid_geometry)
roads = roads.SetAttributeFilter("Length = 'xxx'")

GDAL's SetSpatialFilter returns the Layer instance the method is called on, rather than modifying it in-place. Therefore you need to capture the returned value. It may as well be the roads variable overriding roads.

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