I have SSC data of San Francisco which I have extracted their extent as a KML file using:

SARscape > Import Data > SAR Spaceborne > TerraSAR-X

Then through some operations in ArcGIS, I have extracted part of these shapefiles and then converted them to (evf/shp):

enter image description here

Now how can I subset TerraSAR-X data by these vector files using one of the softwares ENVI, PCI Geomatica, Erdas Imagine, ArcGIS, etc. without converting the TerraSAR-X image to the internal format of these softwares?

I don't know what should I add to explain more. please ask in the comments any more information you need


As per ESRI documentation, List of supported raster and image data formats, ArcGIS 10.3 and above support TerraSAR-X raster dataset (.cos) although ArcGIS versions below 10.3 may support it too.

enter image description here

Thus, one further step would be to clip your raster. There are many approaches to achieve this in ArcGIS which can be checked from Clipping an image or raster in ArcGIS

The simplest would the Clip (Data Management) with the benefit of automation.


This is similar to a question I worked on for subsetting a raster using a shapefile for ERDAS.Please follow the link: How do I subset image by vector layer using Erdas Imagine?

  • thanks for the answer. But your question is about a modis image which is a common format for most of the remote sensing softwares. The major problem here is that .cos format. I need a software which can show images of this format an can edit the header of such files – Sepideh Abadpour Mar 6 '16 at 10:22

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