I am using 'intersection' function from Shapely to find junctions of a road network. As i found, intersection returns GeometryCollection. In my case it could be Point, LineString or perhaps MultiLineString. I want to segregate these objects based on their geometry. I only want Point objects for further use. I found similar post here

It suggests to use as.GeometryCollection however, in my case it gives:
p = l1.intersection(l2).asGeometryCollection()
AttributeError: 'GeometryCollection' object has no attribute

here is the sample code: (I expect to get points in junctions[])

with open('./lines.geojson') as f:
routes = json.load(f)

junctions =[]
for i in range(len(routes['features'])-1): 
    j =i+1 
    while (j < len(routes['features'])):

        l1 = LineString(routes['features'][i]['geometry']['coordinates'])
        l2 = LineString(routes['features'][j]['geometry']['coordinates'])

        p = l1.intersection(l2).asGeometryCollection()

        j = j+1  

You've confused the QGIS and Shapely libraries. The code in the similar post doesn't apply to Shapely.

In your case, p = l1.intersection(l2) returns an instance of Shapely's GeometryCollection. p[0] is the first part of that collection. All you need is:

p = l1.intersection(l2)
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