I am trying to use the Table Manager to rename a field in an attribute table. However, the Vector Toolbar in my install of QGIS 2.14.0-Essen 64-bit Windows shows a toolbar with no tools in it. The toolbar handle is visible, but not tools are included in it. See photo below.

screenshot of empty vector toolbar

Furthermore, when I go into the Customization menu to try and add options to appear in the Vector Toolbar, I see that there are no options to add. All the other toolbars have a plus next to them that give you the option to add or remove tools. The Vector Toolbar has no plus.


The Vector Toolbar mainly contains plugins which deal with vectors (both core to QGIS and external ones), all of which must be enabled from:

Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins

Note that not all "vector" plugins will be shown in the Vector Toolbar, there are some which appear in other toolbars such as the Plugin Toolbar.

Just as an example, here is what I currently have enabled in my Vector Toolbar:

Vector Toolbar

(from left to right):

  • Coordinate Capture
  • Dxf2Shp Converter
  • Spatial Query
  • TopologyChecker
  • GroupStats
  • Statist
  • Table manager

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