After installing ArcGIS Pro 1.1 on two machines, I am now unable to run the program.

The error received is:

Unable to establish a connection to www.arcgis.com.

After installing the first instance of the software I tested it and it worked fine.

It stopped after I installed the second instance.

What did I do wrong?

  • You installed 1 instance on one computer, and 1 instance on different computer?
    – whyzar
    Mar 7 '16 at 14:37
  • yes. tried it for another named user which i gave access to
    – Rich Kid
    Mar 7 '16 at 14:40

The "Unable to establish a connection to www.arcgis.com." error message indicates a connectivity problem between ArcGIS Pro and arcgis.com. It is quite possible that something else happened on the first machine around the same time you installed Pro on the second. I can't think of a direct connection between the second install and the connectivity failure.

I have seen the issue before after setting up the Fiddler web debugging utility or anything else that causes a Proxy server to get set for your LAN connection. If the proxy is configured incorrectly, it can interrupt your connection with arcgis.com. Check two things:

On the machine with the problem:

  • See if you can connect to www.arcgis.com using a web browser. If it fails in the browser, it's specific to the machine configuration and not isolated to ArcGIS Pro.
  • Check the value of the Proxy server checkbox: Internet Settings control panel >> Connections tab >> LAN settings >> Proxy server section "Use a proxy server for your LAN". If it's checked and you are able to uncheck it, try unchecking it an running ArcGIS Pro again.

screenshot of the Proxy Server checkbox

Tushar Jadhav reminded me of the troubleshooting tips.

  • 1
    Thanks! I am able to connect to arcgis.com from the browser but it seems that the proxy i am on was blocking pro. Changed to another proxy and it worked fine !! Just need to try it on the other computer :)
    – Rich Kid
    Mar 8 '16 at 14:03

I think you haven't done anything wrong, however it doesn't appear than two or more instances of ArcPro work on the same machine. ESRI has had this question before and it appears they haven't provided any update on this. You can read more here

  • Thanks for the reply. Its not the same computer. Two separate computers installed on
    – Rich Kid
    Mar 7 '16 at 14:30
  • How many ArcGIS licenses do you have?
    – whyzar
    Mar 7 '16 at 14:32
  • 5 total 2 provisioned
    – Rich Kid
    Mar 7 '16 at 14:34

With recent Windows 10 updates the option for TLS 1.2 may be unchecked. This however is a requirement for recent releases of ArcGIS.

Ensure this is checked in the internet options under the advanced tab.

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