I'm developing a web application using ExtJS 5 and OpenLayers 3. For displaying map I used the Google API and it worked fine. But when I switched to OpenLayers 3 I could not find any Ext.ux components for OpenLayers 3. For Google API there is Ext.ux.GMapPanel in ExtJS 5. For OpenLayers 3 the only component I could find was this. But since it uses OpenLayers 3 I cannot use that. Can anyone help me ?


I am looking for a component like this for OpenLayers 3

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You might find the GeoExt3 project interesting, especially the GeoExt.component.Map (API docs)

In case you use an older version of OpenLayers (your original question makes me think you actually use v2.x), you can e.g. use GeoExt2.1

  • I am using OpenLayers 3. Is ther any way to use OpenLayers 3 with ExtJS 5 without GeoEXT ?
    – KcYoosuf
    Commented Mar 8, 2016 at 9:24

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