How to get a list of hospital details (with address) near by customer address using MapQuest?

For example my address is : 1015 museum circle jacksonville FL

Using 5-box address format KVP Request, I got Lat,Long ("lat":30.318548,"lng":-81.659093)

How to format the MapQuest or Nominatim URL request to get hospital list near by customer address?

Keyword to search : Hospital Or Clinic

Radius : 50 miles or 100 miles

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30 mile search around the address, max results of 25

  • you can either skip the geocode and use the address for the origin, and it will geocode on the fly (ambiguities=ignore means it will take the best geocode result as the origin), or use the lat,lng as the origin

Documentation here: http://www.mapquestapi.com/search/radius-search.html


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